BERG Liquor Control and MicroSale Point of Sale - Unlike ANY integration you have Seen!
  • Track all liquor while maintaining speed and service.
    Drinks automatically appear in the MicroSale System. You get complete portion control and accountability for every drink poured – all at a very affordable price.
  • Save Credit Cards for Tabs
    Preauths tend to upset customers, as it holds funds in their account. Simply start a tab with a credit card (which adds the guest’s name) and choose to close the tab with that credit card or switch to another form of payment later.
  • Blind Audit
    A Blind Audit excludes the “cash in drawer” total from the bartender’s close out report. A blind checkout prevents temptation of skimming a drawer if it is over.
  • Happy Hours
    Every menu item can have up to 5 automatic happy hours. You can even set inactive happy hours that can easily be turned on for special events when pricing should be higher.
  • Reassign Credit Cards
    Card used on the wrong tab? The credit card can be held in the system and reassigned to the correct tab. This feature saves your employee from embarrassment, speeds up the resolution to the problem, and prevents an unhappy customer.

Monthly rental available with options to purchase at anytime. Monthly rental includes 24 hour/ 7 day support at no additional cost.

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