Bar Management Solutions

Liquor and Draft Control Systems for the Hospitatlity Industry

Complete Bar Management Systems

All Berg beverage and liquor dispensers and liquor control systems are designed and equipped to interface easily with point of sale (POS) systems and terminals. Including your POS system as part of your liquor control system is an important part of the “Complete Liquor Control Equation”. 

Without connecting your POS system and liquor controls, you lose the “Ring Up To Pour” part of the equation and therefore don’t know how much cash should be in the till!

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Performing Arts Venues

Bowling Alleys

Bars & NiteClubs

SAM4s Dealers

CASIO and SAM4s Cash Registers and (POS) Point of Sales Systems are perfect for small businesses, fast-food restaurants or fine dining establishments. Our reliable systems will help you meet your business goals. Call to learn about our current packages (847) 836-0194 

Certified Resellers of MicroSale

From fine dining to concession stands, the software can be fully configured to tailor to any hospitality environment. MicroSale is a proven solution that will help reduce costs and increase profits. Call us to learn more. (847) 836-0194

Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Batch Operation LCSI helps you process credit cards quickly with the low rates

* There are never any card processing equipment charges with LCSI 
* We will meet or beat any current rates 
* We can integrate to almost any cash register or Point of Sale unit. 
* We offer standalone units with phone line and/or internet processing.

How To Add TipCredit Card Batch Operations